13006565_583703295123367_3293607011469612334_nRaw Pressed Juice was founded by Penelope Mabuza  who  is based in  Mbabane in the kingdom of Swaziland.

Her profession is a  nutritionist and a qualified beautician. These professions have led her to leave a healthy lifestyle to achieve maximum results on body health and beauty.” I learn’t that beauty starts from the inside out which means that what you  consume has great effect on your outside appearance “.

Generally  its not easy to get the variety of nutrients your body needs . In today’s busy world you  may not have the time to give your body the nutrients and minerals your body requires as much as you would like, not to mention the body detoxification in a natural easy way with our Raw Pressed juice.

After trying everything that came across I ended up developing my own vitamin mineral  packed super juice called  ‘Raw Pressed Juice’.

The juice is extracted from raw vegetables and fruits by a slow cold pressed machine which maximises all the minerals and live enzymes with no preservatives and sweeteners or concentrates.